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Ms. Becky Brooks - Chair - Business, Butler County
Chris Oravec - Vice-Chair - Business, Texas County
Mr. Steve Halter - Secretary - Business, Butler County
Ms. Jody James - Treasurer - Community Organization
Mr. Cody Dalton - Committee for Inclusion Chair - SCOCOG
Ms. Lisa Aden - Youth Committee Chair - Community Based Organization
Honorable Jesse Roy - CLEO Chair - Ripley County
Honorable Jeff Cowen - CLEO Vice-Chair - Shannon County
Honorable Mark Collins - Past CLEO Chair - Howell County

Ms. Lisa Aden - Chair - Ripley Caring Communities
Ms. Jody James - MWA - MERS Goodwill
Ms. Kerrie Zubrod - Century Bank of the Ozark
Ms. Joan Wright - AEL-MSU-WP

Mr. Chris Oravec - Chair - L&R Industries
Mr. Mike Ennis - Eminence Manufacturing
Mr. Aaron Wheeler - Howell-Oregon Electric
Mr. Ryan Hampton - Mid Continent Steel
Ms. Melinda Hathcoat - Baker Industries
Ms. Danetta Rodgers - Progressive Ozark Bank
Ms. Diana Ball - TANF-Family Support Division

Mr. Cody Dalton - Chair - SCOCOG
Ms. Julie Carter - Wagner-Peyser
Ms. Robin Thomas - Vocational Rehabilitation
Mr. William Wear - Labor
Mr. Dennis Lancaster - Missouri State University