Staff Forms

On the Job Training
Work Experience
Occupational Skills Training
09-2017 Local Eligible Training Provider Selection
01-2015 Youth Eligibility Requirements
02-2015 Youth Who Require Additional Assistance
02-2015 Change 1 Youth who require additioanl assistance
03-2015 Supportive Services
03-2015 Change 1 Local Supportive Service
04-2016 Youth Incentive Policy
05-2016 Targeted Industry Sectors
06-2016 Adult Priority of Service- replaced with 01-2018
07-2016 Incumbent Worker Guidelines
08-2017 One Stop Operator/Service Provider Firewalls and Internal Controls
01-2018 Adult Priority of Service
09-2018 Local Follow-up

South Central Workforcs Investment Board
South Central Workforce Investment Board is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.
Contact EO Officer Valarie Haring
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