Committee Members

Executive Committee
Name Position Representing
Mr. Garland Barton Chairman Business, Howell County
Ms. Becky Brooks Vice-Chair Business, Butler County
Mr. Steve Halter Secretary Business, Butler County
Mr. Johnny Murrell Treasurer Economic Development
Ms. Vanae Emrick Committee for Inclusion Chair Vocational Rehabilitation
Ms. Lisa Aden Youth Committee Chair Community Based Organization
Honorable Zach Williams CLEO Chair Wright County
Honorable Jeff Cowen CLEO Vice-Chair Shannon County
Youth Committee
Name Position Representing
Ms. Lisa Aden Chair Ripley Caring Communities
Ms. Cindy Bridges South Central Missouri Community Action Agency
Ms. Cindy Cowens Ozark Action, Inc
Mr. Jim McFarland Trillium Trust
Ms. Joan Wright AEL-MSU-WP
Ms. Jody James MERS-Goodwill
Ms. Kathern Harris Butler County Community REsource Council
Ms. Michelle Shelton Briggs and Stratton
Ms. Tammie Watson Ozark Action, Inc.
One Stop Service Delivery Committee
Name Position Representing
Ms. Becky Brooks Chair McLane Transport
Mr. Dennis Lancaster Missouri State University
Mr. Mike Ennis Eminence Manufacturing
Ms. Robin Nolan Family Services Division
Mr. Scott Stimson South Central Missouri Community Action Agency
Ms. Shelia Barton Missouri State University-West Plains
Mr. Warren Bland Town and County Supermarkets
Mr. William Wear Labor
Serving Customers with Barriers & Disabilities Committee
Name Position Representing
Ms. Vanae Emrick Chair Vocational Rehabilitation
Mr. Bryan Adcock Ozark Action, Inc.
Mr. Eric Schalk Gamblin Lumber
Ms. Mary Sheid PTSC
Mr. Robert Ruble Wagner-Peyser
Mr. Scott Hurt Fine Labs
Mr. Travis Smith Rehabilition Services for the Blind
Mr. Troy Amoss Labor
Ms. Valarie Haring South Central Region EO Officer
Proposal Evaluation Committee
Name Position Representing
Work Ready Communities Committee
Name Position Representing

South Central Workforcs Investment Board
South Central Workforce Investment Board is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.
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